Terralpha, ultra high-speed broadband at the heart of the regions

Our history

In the rail sector, optical fibre has become a reliable, fast and less expensive means of telecommunications than the traditional copper cable transmission.

To date, SNCF Réseau has deployed a network of almost 20,000 km of fibre optic cables throughout France as part of its modernisation programme.

In May 2021, SNCF Réseau is creating a new subsidiary, Terralpha, with the ambition of making the most of available optical infrastructures that are not operated for railway activities. The mission of the Terralpha subsidiary is to make the most of the surplus fibre available through strategic partnerships, helping to reduce the digital divide. 

Terralpha offers an ultra-high-speed data transport service to its customers and partners, including fixed and mobile network operators, hosting and data centre operators, major manufacturers, public initiative networks and all other public players.  

Terralpha in a few key dates


Enhancing the value of SNCF réseau's optical assets 


Emergence of the project with the creation of an initial pilot 


Feasibility studies for a new national enlightened services operator 


Birth of Terralpha

Our missions

Terralpha provides all professionals with ultra-broadband solutions tailored to their business challenges: performance, security, sovereignty and enhanced experience client. 

Thanks to the extent of our network and infrastructure full ownership along the railway lineswe are able to offer optimum territorial continuity throughout France. We provide digital players and operators with an infrastructure of enabling them to accelerate the development of their solutions.  

Phanks to the fact that optical fibres are laid along the tracks, we can transport the data at very high speed with one of the best latencies on the market.  

Paris ↔ Marseille
8.38 ms RTT

Paris ↔ Lyon
4.78 ms RTT

Paris ↔ Bordeaux
6.26 ms RTT

Paris ↔ Toulouse
7.61 ms RTT

The emergence of Edge Computing

The digital trust service from Terralpha extends to the construction of Digital tiles.

These landscaped areas are ideal for microDataCenter in railway rights-of-way by telecoms players,
which will benefit from carrier-grade energy, data, surveillance and access services. 

Terralpha, a solid and resilient operator, subsidiary of SNCF Réseau

To meet the growing need for mobility and develop the rail mode to serve the ecological transition, SNCF Réseau is developing the service offer for freight and the passenger market on the 28,000 kilometres of line for which it is responsible for maintenance, modernisation and safety.

As network manager, it markets and guarantees neutral and fair access to the infrastructure. As a partner to public authorities, regional authorities and railway companies, SNCF Réseau's top priority is customer satisfaction. A limited company in the SNCF Group, the company has more than 50,000 employees and a turnover of almost 6.6 billion euros in 2021. 

Created in 2021 by SNCF Réseau, Terralpha can count on its sovereign parent company to respond to the major changes shaping our society, by speeding up its transformation to help boost the role of ultra high-speed data transport in economic and industrial efficiency, regional development and environmental protection. 

Terralpha, an SNCF Réseau subsidiary, is deploying
secure, ultra-high-speed, low-latency presence
throughout France.