Digital tiles

A local Data Centre hosting solution

Our Digital Signage offer

To meet the emerging needs of the edge computing and ato facilitate the development of regional data centres,Terralphaofferse aa "Digital tiles" hosting solution for the equipment needed to store and process information locally.

Advantages of digital tiles

Alternativelocal facilitating lThe establishment of local DataCenters 

Strengthening theattractivenessfromterritory 

Promoting access to national and international networks 

Reducing the digital divide 

Engage thetransitiondigitalfrom small businesses and local authorities 

Combining telecoms services, energy and land 

Terralpha offers 2 modular digital panels

Lease of developed land to build DataCenters

Set up your own DataCenter regional and accelerate the deployment of your calculation services, from storage or from close transmission your uses.  

  • Between 1000 and 1500 m² 
  • Guarantee of constructability of the land in advance 
  • Site servicing after customer order
  • Railway conveyance 
  • Access to electricity, water, sewerage and public telecoms networks 
  • Fences 

Rental of dedicated space in a Terralpha local DataCenter

Benefit from hosting and connections tailored to your needs, as close as possible to your premises. close to your customers' needs at renting space in a DataCenter local Terralpha. 

  • Right to use spaces in access ducts 
  • Hire space in our Crossconnects bays 
  • Local gestures 
  • Badge access 

Choose Terralpha

Choose the only telecom capacity provider that has all the service layers (from the field to the wave), 100 % in territorial continuity to the stations and local teams to operate the equipment and the fibres, to guarantee you a optimal responsiveness in the event of incidents.

Interested in ultra-fast broadband

Discover our range of wave-type networks, from 10 to 400 Gb/s

Terralpha, an SNCF Réseau subsidiary, is deploying
secure, ultra-high-speed, low-latency presence
throughout France.