Guarantee your customers a quality service by opting for a neutral and sovereign partner

Your customers rely on you to guide and support them in their projects telecoms. You are looking for a partner does notother, sovereign, and sustainable for the transport of your customers' data. You need a close relationship with an alternative, agile operator, whose network offer numerous points of presence throughout France. 

Why choose Terralpha?

Telecom operator national level, Terralpha is strong added value for your business by offering points of presence throughout France and the best latency on the market. We you assurons quality service and a close relationship. 


Neutral operator
Local relationships
Responsive sales team
Dedicated rate 


Traffic routing exclusively on SNCF network fibres using equipment of European origin 


Network secured by GMPLS, by 24/7 supervision of active and passive equipment (active OTDR) and by railway policing. 

Encryption of sensitive data right from the infrastructure 

National coverage

Lightpaths that are particularly well suited to long-distance transport and very low latency  

Interconnection of remote sites with unrivalled quality of service and performance

Our solution improves the robustness of operators' networks teelécom thanks to the diversity of its lightpaths drom France's largest DataCenters to the towns and cities of the world poorly served by the main data transport players. 

Our offers

Terrawave Ultra Broadband

Private network on wavelengths
10 to 400 Gb/s

Digital tiles

Landscaped areas which allow the installation of DataCenters on railway rights-of-way 

Our customers


Hosting companies


Public sector

Terralpha, an SNCF Réseau subsidiary, is deploying
secure, ultra-high-speed, low-latency presence
throughout France.