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Equinix and Terralpha join forces to bring ultra-high-speed broadband to local areas!

Equinix, Inc (Nasdaq: EQIX), a service provider at the heart of the world's digital infrastructure, is strengthening its ties with the SNCF Group, its long-standing customer, through a partnership with Terralpha, a subsidiary of SNCF Réseau. This alliance should enable all businesses hosted in Equinix data centres to benefit from a very high quality fibre optic network.

With this digital transformation project, Terralpha is committed to offering the power of its national Ultra High Speed optical transport network to give regions access to the digital performance of tomorrow. By connecting the fibre deployed by SNCF Réseau to its Paris data centres, Equinix is increasing the performance and security of data transit for its customers located in the regions, and giving them access to its entire Paris ecosystem.

Together, Equinix and Terralpha are committed to improving the digital experience through higher throughput, lower latency and more resilient facilities. Over the next twenty years, growth in public and business data traffic will continue to accelerate. In anticipation of this, many players are taking steps to enhance their infrastructures:

regional operators, national or international telecoms operators, new specialist players. The needs of new services such as 5G, Video on Demand (VOD), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine to Machine and IOT will require a more local densification of data management and processing, known as Edge Computing.

The historical fibre coverage area is located on major roads with a limited and expensive horizontal network. Ideally located adjacent to and connected to Equinix's Paris data centres (PA2 and PA4), the fibre deployed along the national rail network means that all Equinix customers can benefit from the best possible throughput.

The Equinix 2020-21 Global Tech Trends Survey revealed that IT decision-makers in France are focusing on accelerating the digital transformation of their businesses, with 82 % prioritising digitising their IT infrastructure, 75 % improving network optimisation and more than half (59 %) migrating their infrastructure to the digital edge.

Each of these ambitions will be supported by the deployment of Terralpha. Together, Equinix and Terralpha are committed to improving the digital experience for businesses and consumers, through higher throughput, lower latency and greater resilience.