CSR commitments

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Terralpha is committed to making a positive impact on society and developing access to high-speed digital broadband for the regions it serves
reducing the ecological footprint as much as possible. 

Its teams see a real opportunity to raise stakeholder awareness and differentiate themselves in a sector where
where environmental concerns are still marginal.  

Terralpha's CSR strategy is based on 6 commitments:

Measuring our impact in order to assess the energy consumption of our various points of presence.

Prefer reconditioned appliances (40% mobile phones and 75% of SWITCHs are today) 

Ensuring the circularity of equipment and extending its life cycle. 

Choose responsible suppliers and define strict, eco-responsible specifications by requiring CSR certifications or reports. 

Reinvesting results responsibly to aim for neutral impact. 

Introduce systematic recycling of the technological resources used. 

Our offers

Terrawave Ultra Broadband

Private network on wavelengths
10 to 400 Gb/s

Digital tiles

Landscaped areas which allow the installation of DataCenters on railway rights-of-way 

Terralpha, an SNCF Réseau subsidiary, is deploying
secure, ultra-high-speed, low-latency presence
throughout France.