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Terralpha, a subsidiary of SNCF Réseau, is launching its first Ultra High Speed data transport services, linking France from north to south. These links are based on a passive fibre optic infrastructure running along the railway lines.

Created in May 2021, Terralpha is today inaugurating its first ultra-high-speed data transport route and deploying its equipment in the main data centres located along the route, namely CIV Lille and Valenciennes, Equinix PA3 PA4 and Telehouse TH2 in Paris, and Fullsave in Toulouse. In order to avoid traffic interruptions, each data centre is connected by double fibre adduction.

The latest-generation photonics equipment installed is capable of aggregating 40 channels of
each of up to 400 Gigabits/second over a single pair of fibre optics, giving a total of 16 Terabits/second.

This technical approach means that a large number of customers can be connected, using the market's main standard protocols such as 10, 40 or 100 Gigabit Ethernet, or 8 or 16 Gigabit Fiberchannel (a protocol for replicating storage data between data centres).

Aware of the needs of tomorrow's regional digital economy, Terralpha wanted to optimise
the architecture of its network in order to reduce latency times. This optimisation has resulted in a latency time of less than 8 ms (Round Trip Time) between Paris and Toulouse, and less than 11 ms between Lille and Toulouse.

All these links are supervised by SNCF Réseau's two Network Operation Centres in Lille and Saint-Denis.

Security guaranteed throughout the country.

In addition to physical security of the premises by the SNCF Group's internal security service (Sureté Générale) and real-time monitoring of fibre performance by reflectometry, maintenance is carried out throughout the country.