Proposed values

Our 6 pillars

Terralpha is helping to reduce the digital divide by deploying Ultra Broadband points of presence in the heart of the country.

Terralpha is also a sovereign player and offers trusted routing solutions for the security of information.
the resilience of communication links.

National coverage

Bringing ultra-fast broadband to the doorstep

  • 20,000 km of optical fibre across the country
  • 3,000 stations at the heart of economic and social activity
  • 11,000 municipalities crossed
  • Access to a unique land bank in France


Bringing ultra-fast broadband to the doorstep

  • Photonic network secured by GMPLS or switching
  • Mesh cable infrastructure secured by the railway police
  • Roads 100% various existing networks, including adductions
  • Pro-active, unified maintenance of active and passive equipment


Bringing ultra-fast broadband to the doorstep

  • Fully-owned and sovereign cable infrastructure 
  • European photonics equipment 
  • Traffic routing exclusively on SNCF group equipment 
  • Internal NOC located in France

Social responsibility

Bringing ultra-fast broadband to the doorstep

  • Helping to reduce the digital divide 
  • Optimised power consumption per Gigabit/km 
  • Significant reduction in civil engineering, using existing facilities 
  • Located on the railway right-of-way to reduce nuisance and costs 


Bringing ultra-fast broadband to the doorstep

  • Very high-capacity photonic equipment 
  • Flexible throughput from 10 to 400 Gb/s per optical channel 
  • Technologies open to innovation in data rates and protocols 
  • Improved latency for demanding businesses 


Bringing ultra-fast broadband to the doorstep

  • Access to the SNCF group's optical networks and existing land 
  • Timed deployment of equipment and civil engineering 
  • Investment plan sized for rapid provisioning 
  • National network of qualified and committed partners 

Our offers

Terrawave Ultra Broadband

Private network on wavelengths
10 to 400 Gb/s

Digital tiles

Landscaped areas which allow the installation of DataCenters on railway rights-of-way 

Terralpha, an SNCF Réseau subsidiary, is deploying
secure, ultra-high-speed, low-latency presence
throughout France.