Terralpha network

An ultra-high-speed fibre-optic network

Across France

Terralpha, a subsidiary of SNCF Réseau, is rolling out an ultra-high-speed alternative telecoms network throughout France using optical rail fibres.  

Its unique network, linked to its full ownership along the railway lines, gives it unprecedented resilience, security and sovereignty. 

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The Terralpha network is :

20 000

Km of optical fibres

6 000

Towns crossed

2 000



Interconnected DataCenters

Our points of presence

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Our offers

Terrawave Ultra Broadband

Private network on wavelengths
10 to 400 Gb/s

Digital tiles

Space for the installation of DataCenters on railway rights-of-way 

Terralpha, an SNCF Réseau subsidiary, is deploying
secure, ultra-high-speed, low-latency presence
throughout France.